Carnival Of Personal Finance #417 – Summer Road Trip Edition

Welcome to the Carnival Of Personal Finance #417, Summer Road Trip Edition! Even though I’m technically not a student anymore, I’ve always had a soft spot for summer fun. I’m from Phoenix and Las Vegas, so summer has always meant laying out by the pool with a fruity drink, a good magazine and dipping in the pool. But, the past couple of years I’ve been big into summer road trips. What’s not to love about a road trip? New sights, new smells, new sounds and new experiences are awaiting you, you just have to get there! So put Songza on the radio ( if you need help choosing some road trip music, ask me!), eat some Red Vines and put on those Raybans. It’s gonna be a fun ride!

Editor’s Pick- Hawaii!
Okay, okay. I know the first stop is technically an island and we can’t even get there by car, hence the whole point of our summer road trip. But I would love to go to Hawaii by car and not fly over the ocean for six hours. We could learn how to hulu, swim with dolphins, snorkel with sea turtles and drink the best pina coladas imaginable!

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New York City! ( Investing & Real Estate)

Let’s go to New York City. Along with sightseeing, eating really good food and getting our shopping on, let’s stroll the Financial District and see what the money moguls of today are investing in. Anyone know any good stockbrokers?

Dividend Growth Investor from Dividend Growth Investor presents Is the Dividend Craze Over?

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Viva Las Vegas! ( Debt, Saving & Money Management)
I know, I used to live in Las Vegas! But I’m pretty sure 99% of you hadn’t! And who doesn’t want to go to Las Vegas? 24 hour drinking? Our livers be still! Pretending to travel the world by visiting different casinos right next door to each other? Stamp our passports! Err, I’ll make us some road trip ones. Elvis sightings? Give us the cameras! Never mind, I hung out with most of you at Fin Con last year. I know I had you at 24 hour drinking. I hope those cash advances at the ATM don’t leave you in debt. Also, since gambling will probably be involved ( free drinks!), you better save up and practice good money management.

Irfan from Everything About Investment presents Money Saving tips for 2013

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Phoenix ( Frugality, Budgeting & Finance)
I bet you guys didn’t know this but Phoenix is rated the second most affordable city to come visit! Perhaps I maybe a little partial but with cheap hotel rooms, wonderful restaurants, nice golf courses and a booming nightlife in Tempe and Scottsdale, we could get the party going on the cheap! There is something beautiful about the desert here. Also, pool days? Frugal!

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Hollywood ( Career, Taxes, & Credit)
Our last stop on our summer road trip is Hollywood, CA. Have you ever been to Hollywood? Nestled beside Los Angeles and Beverly Hills, Hollywood is pretty much anything you’d want it to be. Movie studios? Check! Walk of Fame? Check! Famous people? Check! The beach isn’t too far away to take a dip in once we sight see and we can always treat ourselves to a Millions Of Milkshake in West Hollywood after we see the stars. Hollywood shows you that you can be anything you want to be as long as you have a dream. But don’t forget, once you snag that cool dream job, you’ll still have to pay taxes and make sure your credit is good. That Beverly Hills mansion isn’t gonna pay for itself. ;)

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Adam from Adam Hagerman – Financial Coach presents $1 In Additional Income Does Not Mean $2,400 In Additional Taxes

Rob Berger from Dough Roller presents How Can Your Credit Report Affect Your Ability to Get Hired?

Money Beagle from Money Beagle presents 6 Terrible Reasons Your Boss Might Love You


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