Tunes Tuesday

1. Am I Wrong- Nic & Vinz

2. Sing- Ed Sheeran

3. Undressed- Kim Cesarion

We Took The Leap & Cut Cable!

I decided to put my money where my mouth is as a personal finance blogger and cut something I’ve been attached to since watching Muppet Babies and Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers. I cut cable out of my life. Let’s go back in time and discuss what prompted this, shall we?

I’ve always been an avid TV watcher but never thought anything about it since my to watch list was not nearly exclusive as a lot of other peoples. I didn’t have 20 shows to keep up on, at most, I had maybe five and four of them happened to be on a Sunday night which made recording purposes for my DVR a pain in the butt. I wasn’t picky of what I watched necessarily, I’m just not the type of person to always know about cool new shows.

When I moved into my roommates house, we had agreed on what my rent would be and I agreed to cover upgrading her cable package to digital cable with all of my favorite premium channels and a DVR. I was able to keep up on all of my television shows without a problem and find new ones as well! Except, there was a problem. I would catch myself mentally checking out for hours at a time and instead of enjoying television, I would just watch whatever I could to escape from life. I wasn’t getting any reading done, or blogging, or finishing any projects that I had started. I had told myself I had no time when in reality, I just wasn’t using it wisely.

In May, I decided to allow myself to only watch one hour of television per day. I had a stack of books to read and things to do in preparation for the ending of the school year. I also decided to stop going on social media so much, since it’s always the same ole, same ole, especially Fakebook, I mean Facebook. Without watching TV so much, and allowing myself to mentally check out, I was able to get a lot of things accomplished and start reading like I used to which allowed me to knock off so many good books that had been on my list forever.

The straw that broke the camels back was my flight home from New Jersey two weeks ago. Nothing particular happened except me wondering how I was going to get everything done this fall. Not only am I working full-time, I’ll also be attending my criminology program full-time. In addition to both my day job and school, I’d still like to continue to grow my online presence so I have more than one stream of income coming in. I have so many plans and dreams that can only be accomplished by growing my income through starting a freelance business of my own. And besides these things, I still have relationships to nurture, books to read, gym classes to take and places to visit!

I decided to talk to my roommate about how we’ll both be very busy once school starts and since together we had over 100 hours of unseen television on the DVR, could we cancel the cable and save ourselves both time, distractions and money? She agreed and said she had been wanting to talk to me about the same thing since she was working on cutting back on expenses and cable was on the chopping block. We decided to keep our internet since we both need it for our jobs and I’m going to need it for school and blogging. I plan on continuing to help paying with that but I know I will be saving at least $30 a month.

I plan on getting by, for now, with my online Netflix subscription. School starts in four weeks so from now I plan to really take advantage of my free evenings by maintaining my blog, reading and watching Netflix movies I’ve put off forever. I can’t wait until the disgusting heat cools down so I can start working out again without getting ill!

Have you cut cable? Do you regret it?

Tunes Tuesday- Home

After a month of complete travel, I am finally home. Although I loved traveling so much and spending so much time with my boyfriend, I am glad to be home for a few weeks before my trip for my birthday! This next week will be spent cleaning, decluttering ( where does all this stuff come from?!?!) and getting back into a routine. Also, getting my classroom and printouts ready for next week! I’ve missed my kids and I’m motivated after our national conference to spend time with them and continue on my non-profit journey.

Straylight Run- Existentialism On Prom Night

John Mayer- Vultures

Damien Rice- The Blower’s Daughter

Random Monday Updates

  • I’m back from the east coast! Well, I’m only back for a day, and then it’s off to the east coast again. This time I will be in Florida for five days presenting at our national conference. I feel really good about the conference and my presentation, plus the boy is flying down for three days to hang out in Orlando together.
  • My birthday is next month and while I was away, I had time to reflect on everything and make a list of goals I want to accomplish and things I want to work on. I forgot one because I didn’t really think it would be happening so soon but it’s getting my own place! My roomie has fallen head over heels in love with her new beau and they have discussed him moving in when his lease is up in February. That’s still seven months from now, but I’m a planner and if they would like space and privacy, I totally respect that. We are going to reassess everything in December since I am never home anyways and may not move out even if he moves in, but I am a planner and had wanted to really work on my emergency fund/ savings account anyways. My new goal moving forward is to save at least $500 a month towards my emergency fund which is a far cry from the $200 a month I had decided to save.
  • My dad is a sociopath, I swear. I might write about this in more detail but I am in therapy trying to work on issues related to my mom dying so young and my family, in a sense, abandoning me when she died. I have a very estranged relationship with my father and he called me last night at 10pm to say my grandfather is dying and has two days left. He’s in a hospice somewhere and after having a conversation with my grandmother, I again realize my dad is just like his mother and it’s disgusting. I don’t know whats going, if I need to attend a funeral or if I just decide to stay home.
  • I start school in a little over a month and it’s so official since my financial aid went through. I feel like crying because I want to finish my bachelors so badly, especially since not having it cost me a possible promotion at work. :(
  • School starts again so soon! I never thought I’d like being a teacher or being stationed at a school, but I’m looking forward to that and having a routine again. My classroom is going to have an owl theme and I’m looking forward to putting it together!