Tunes Tuesday- Home

After a month of complete travel, I am finally home. Although I loved traveling so much and spending so much time with my boyfriend, I am glad to be home for a few weeks before my trip for my birthday! This next week will be spent cleaning, decluttering ( where does all this stuff come from?!?!) and getting back into a routine. Also, getting my classroom and printouts ready for next week! I’ve missed my kids and I’m motivated after our national conference to spend time with them and continue on my non-profit journey.

Straylight Run- Existentialism On Prom Night

John Mayer- Vultures

Damien Rice- The Blower’s Daughter

Random Monday Updates

  • I’m back from the east coast! Well, I’m only back for a day, and then it’s off to the east coast again. This time I will be in Florida for five days presenting at our national conference. I feel really good about the conference and my presentation, plus the boy is flying down for three days to hang out in Orlando together.
  • My birthday is next month and while I was away, I had time to reflect on everything and make a list of goals I want to accomplish and things I want to work on. I forgot one because I didn’t really think it would be happening so soon but it’s getting my own place! My roomie has fallen head over heels in love with her new beau and they have discussed him moving in when his lease is up in February. That’s still seven months from now, but I’m a planner and if they would like space and privacy, I totally respect that. We are going to reassess everything in December since I am never home anyways and may not move out even if he moves in, but I am a planner and had wanted to really work on my emergency fund/ savings account anyways. My new goal moving forward is to save at least $500 a month towards my emergency fund which is a far cry from the $200 a month I had decided to save.
  • My dad is a sociopath, I swear. I might write about this in more detail but I am in therapy trying to work on issues related to my mom dying so young and my family, in a sense, abandoning me when she died. I have a very estranged relationship with my father and he called me last night at 10pm to say my grandfather is dying and has two days left. He’s in a hospice somewhere and after having a conversation with my grandmother, I again realize my dad is just like his mother and it’s disgusting. I don’t know whats going, if I need to attend a funeral or if I just decide to stay home.
  • I start school in a little over a month and it’s so official since my financial aid went through. I feel like crying because I want to finish my bachelors so badly, especially since not having it cost me a possible promotion at work. :(
  • School starts again so soon! I never thought I’d like being a teacher or being stationed at a school, but I’m looking forward to that and having a routine again. My classroom is going to have an owl theme and I’m looking forward to putting it together!


Tunes Tuesday- R & B Edition

I’ve been on an R & B kick all week and it’s been the same three songs. Sorry not sorry that I am a serial song repeater!

1. Pretty Wings- Maxwell

2. How Many Drinks? – Miguel feat. Kendrick Lamar

3. Killing Me Softly- The Fugees

Places To Visit In… Philadelphia!

Greetings from the east coast! I’ve been here a little over a week now and I will admit something that I am not entirely sure I want to. The east coast is…growing on me. :O I know, I’m shocked as well. I’ve always been a west coast sunshine girl but the more and more I travel, the more I enjoy other places, like the east coast. I’m not entirely sure why I am digging it so much besides maybe the whole fact there is a ton of stuff to do here and it’s not 100 degrees at 10pm like it is in Phoenix. However, I do not like snow. At. All. So for now, I will continue to vacation here like a boss.

I convinced my boyfriend to spend last weekend in Philadelphia pretending to be a tourist with me and he completely obliged like a gentleman. I arrived a little on the later side on Friday night, just in time to enjoy the late menu from the restaurant at the hotel and go to bed. However, we spent a ton of time meeting friends, exploring the sights and taking in the city over the next two days.

The Mutter’s Museum 

After deciding to spend a weekend in Philadelphia, my boyfriend had asked me to research different things I’d like to do. I quickly found out about the Mutter Museum! The Mutter Museum is a medical museum that has different items available to view on display, from different types of skeletons, artifacts from different exhibits and medical abnormalities. If you have a strong stomach and do not get grossed out easily, I highly recommend it! My favorite parts of the museum were the special exhibits, “A Philadelphia Physician Encounters The Great War” and “Death Under Glass.” The Philadelphia Physician exhibit was about the civil war and contained different artifacts, such as medical tools, personal belongings of soldiers and told the story in detail of Abraham Lincoln being assassinated. Death Under Glass was microscopic slides that had been blown up and illustrated, in great detail,  different diseases that have been discovered overtime. The forensic pathologist and forensic photographer did a great job. The slides most interesting to me where the ones regarding Pneumocystis pneumonia. I’ve been reading a lot about the AIDS epidemic in the 1980′s lately so it was interesting, although sad, to learn more about PCP. (


While in the city of brotherly love, I contacted one of my blogging besties Jana, to meet my boyfriend and I for lunch. She brought her husband who was pretty funny and we had a double date! Jana had picked Jones and it was absolutely amazing. Jones is known for their comfort food and deserts, along with $21 bottomless Bellinis, so it was a great pick! Everyone had gotten something different, so we had a variety of food to munch on. Seeing as how we were dining on comfort food, I ordered meatloaf, mashed potatoes and peas. Oh, and I had an egg soda which reminded me of my Brooklyn adventures last year. All the food was delicious and left us full for hours. If you are looking for somewhere to dine, I highly suggest this place. (photo credit found here.) ( Restaurant website)
Independence National Historical Park/ Liberty Bell

After having lunch with Jana, we spent sometime exploring Independence National Historical Park and the Liberty Bell. Located right across the street from Independence Hall, we explored our surroundings, took photos and visited the Liberty Bell. Although I had imagined the Liberty Bell, you know, that historical bell we hide during the American Revolution, would be the highlight of this trip ( and it was definitely a perk!), the real highlight was finding out it was Tesla Day in Serbia and there was a Serbian Musical Festival in his honor! In case you had no idea, I am a huge Nikola Tesla groupie. My boyfriend said it looked sort of swarmy in our photo, but pay him no mind. He’s just jealous he has to share my love with an innovator. While you might not get to go on a random Tesla Day, I still advise you to take in the history of the Liberty Bell! (

Athena in Philadelphia 001 Athena in Philadelphia 004 Athena in Philadelphia 005 photo (75)


photo (76)photo (74)

Eastern State Penitentiary 

The last place we headed to before leaving Philadelphia was Eastern State Penitentiary. When I saw that you were able to go on self-guided tours there, the criminology geek in me exploded with happiness. Although the boy had been there before, he agreed to go again and brought his camera for some amazing photo opportunities. The prison opened in 1829 to address the growing prison population and to serve as an example for prison reform. It went on to becoming one of the most famous prisons and remained open until 1971, after the drastic need for numerous costly repairs on it’s infrastructure. Today, thanks to generous donations, it is open daily for tours and, believe it or not, private events! I want to do a more in depth review on the prison because it left me with inspiration for a new project and a new zeal to complete my criminology degree. I should be sharing my special project, thanks to the prison, next week so stay tuned!

photo (73) photo (72) photo (71)